Juvapen Expert

Robotic-assisted botulinum toxin injections,
for the expert physician

The Juvapen Expert is our latest innovation designed specifically for Botulinum Toxin injections. Thanks to unparalleled precision, patients show significantly improved results and fewer side-effects.

A result of 10 years of R&D, offering practitioners unlimited potential and a brand-new digital interface.

Safer Injections

State of the art micro-processor guaranteeing the utmost safety of procedures. No risk of overdosage.


Units. Dilutions. Instantly calculated in the palm of your hands to achieve exceptionally natural results.

Accuracy & Precision

Next level precision, accuracy and customization to push the boundaries of your art. Easily inject micro-doses as low as 0.005ml with guaranteed repeatability.


Engineered for aesthetic and therapeutic applications of toxin.
Presently compatible with all Botulinum Toxin brands or dilutions.


Ultra-lightweight (45g) and highly miniaturized (80mm) technology. Battery powered.


Designed and made in Switzerland in the heartland of Swiss watch-making industry.
2-year warranty.
CE marked.

Dedicated silicone-free 1ml syringe allowing close access to injection site.

“Force feedback technology”
Intelligent built-in sensors calculating pressure in real-time combined with advanced algorithms optimize flow consistency and guarantee perfect dose accuracy.

The Juvapen Expert device weighs 45 grams and is 7 centimetres long.

Long lasting, high performance lithium-powered battery.

Compatible with all needles.

Highly ergonomic and intuitive activation lever for minimal latency.

Status indicator LED.

Expert-level customization with brand new digital interface
Smallest dose as low as 0.005 ml
All dilutions. All brands.

Intuitive controls and user interface eliminating the need for training.

Minimized post-injection side-effects

Reduced bruising and swelling post-injections for highly improved patient satisfaction.

Reducing pain from injections

87% of patients found Juvapen injections less painful than manual injections.

No touch-ups

Physicians report dramatic decrease in the need for touch-up procedures.

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Juvapen Expert – Brochure
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Juvapen Expert – Instructions for use
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Juvapen Expert – Quick Start Guide

“Free from controlling my dose delivery, I can focus exclusively on the injection site and on entertaining my patients, for a better satisfaction.”


“I’m a huge fan of the Juvapen Expert. It has become an integral part of my daily practice. My patients are both impressed and amazed by the difference in comfort this high-tech piece of equipment makes to their injectable experience, especially when I explain the added benefits with regards to its precision in dosing and anatomy.”


“Perfect comfort and for my patients reduced pain. There are only benefits.”