IOL Robotics

Micro-robotic intelligence
& assistance for IOL injections

  • One click full automatic process (auto-priming, pause, injection, speed and force adjustment)
  • Customizable injection parameters with advanced software technology.
Enhanced Safety
  • Reduced trauma: small incision, no overshoot, no extra pressure on the eye
  • Robot ensures reliable delivery of an injection and reduces failure associated with manual interventions
  • Automatic stop at the exact ejection distance
  • Advanced sensors and smart algorithms measuring 50 times per second
  • Single-hand application for optimal surgical control
  • Possibility to accommodate all types of IOLs through 2.2mm incisions or less
  • Automatically adapts the speed and exact localization to optimize the ad-hoc folding of the IOL.


  • Sterile housing allowing use in OR
  • Compatible with all cartridges


  • Reusable, battery powered
  • Variable injection speed and automatic ramps
  • Reverse feature, during surgery

Activation lever

  • Activation lever reaches twice as close to the eye than manual injector
  • Ergonomics designed to reduce parasitic hand movement
pdf, 2.13 MB
IOL Robotics Brochure

“With such a lightweight compact robot and all the technology, safety and comfort it is embedded with, we can ensure a repeatable set-up, constant injection speed and pause controls. This is what all ophthalmologists are looking for.”