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Aesthetics Journal September issue: spotlight on Juvapen [Press]

Aesthetics Journal explores the research and efficacy behind Juvapen – the new botulinum toxin injection system. Find out about recent clinical studies and expert testimonies from Dr Kate Goldie and Dr Sabine Zenker by reading the full article.

Here is a quick overview: Dr Sabine Zenker uses Juvapen because “ No matter how experienced a practitioner is, we don’t always inject what we think[…] This may not matter for one single injection, but it does matter overall as we need to create the utmost natural results and no frozen faces. Additionally we have to be able to achieve reproducible results. Patients in my clinic appreciate the new technology because the injections are – first of all – far less painful. And the aesthetic result is very appealing and natural. They come back asking for Juvapen!”

Dr Kate Goldie states “The smaller the dose, the harder it is to be accurate. The study indicated quite a significant difference between manual and Juvapen injection accuracy ; which is particularly important when injecting in the periorbital area.”

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