A word from the founder

  • Testimonial
    My passion is finding solutions in the field of medicine. During 30 years of working in close collaboration with leading medical enterprises, I created several successful companies specialized in medical tool miniaturization. Juvaplus was founded in 2011, aiming to respond to the needs of experts in aesthetic medicine. Our latest injection device, Juvapen, is revolutionizing Botulinum Toxin injections by offering perfect precision. Patients feel less pain and reduced side effects. Physicians can now unlock their full toxin potential! Juvaplus continues to facilitate injections for doctors and patients through its Swiss expertise.
    Bernard-Pierre LegrandFounder & CEO

The Company


Specializing in the design and production of miniaturized, wireless motorized devices, Juvaplus quickly imposed itself as a leading innovative company in the medicine market. Since 2011, Juvaplus has been developing products that combine research, design and technology at the service of innovation. Based in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, our main offices are located in the very heart of the Swiss precision watchmaking industry.

Our Partners

JUVAPLUS collaborates closely with carefully selected partners

JUVAPLUS worked closely with EPFL (the Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology in Lausanne) for the development of its technology, while receiving support from the Swiss Confederation. EPFL is the most cosmopolitan research university in Europe and is ranked amongst the best universities in the world. With numerous publications, inventions and patents under its belt, EPFL is an ideal partner to guide research works at JUVAPLUS.


Please contact us regarding distribution of our latest product for botulinum toxin, the Juvapen.

Medical consultants

JUVAPLUS regularly calls upon consultants specialized in the fields of medicine and cosmetic surgery to perfect and refine its products and services. Each of our consultant can boast extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of their respective fields.

Our Philosophy

All Juvaplus products are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland, conforming to ISO and CE standards. Our products are created, designed and engineered with two goals: offering practitioners the greatest maneuverability, flexibility, precision and ergonomics as well as offering patients the best possible end-results.