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With summer days upon us, excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can bring great discomfort. The condition can be due to an underlying health problem, or have no apparent cause. However, the most often contributing factors include the heat and emotions.

Fortunately, hyperhidrosis is commonly treated thanks to botulinum toxin (botox) injections. While the excessive sweating can be located in different areas, such as the palm of the hands or under the armpits, the common factor is that toxin injections in these areas are almost always painful.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Karim Sayed

Thanks to new technology developments there is a way to solve it in a more pleasant way.

By using thinner needles and robotically assisted syringes, the flow of injection is constant and perfectly regulated – making the procedure much less painful. Patients have shown strongly increased satisfaction compared to a manual syringe injection. Bruising and swelling, especially in the axillary zone, have been reduced to a minimum.

What if offering patients a new kind of treatment was exactly what was needed in order to stand out this summer?