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Micro-toxin: a technique on the rise

Improving skin texture through superficial toxin injections is one of the latest aesthetic trend. The technique called micro- (or meso-) toxin, involves rejuvenating large areas of skin such as lower face, neck and décolleté through multiple injection points. With micro-droplets creating mere muscle weakening, results are highly natural and therefore particularly in demand.

Some practitioners shy away from the procedure because of the complexity of it when done by hand. The biggest difficulty lies in controlling the dose of each micro-droplet and ensuring repeatability between them.

*Microbotox of the Lower Face and Neck: Evolution of a Personal Technique and Its Clinical Effects. Woffles T. L. Wu, MBBS, FRCS, FAMS. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal (PRS) November Supplement 2015.

Why use Juvapen?

Computer-controlled syringes offer unparalleled comfort and ease of use for such a procedure. By facilitating the reproducible delivery of multiple injections points at a controlled dose, it is made both faster and safer.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Marchac, FRANCE