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Swiss newspaper L’Express covers Juvapen [Press]

Juvapen is featured in today’s edition of the newspaper L’Express – L’Impartial. Find out more about Juvapen and Juvaplus by clicking more information. ARTICLE IN FRENCH

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Aesthetics Journal September issue: spotlight on Juvapen [Press]

Aesthetics Journal explores the research and efficacy behind Juvapen – the new botulinum toxin injection system. Find out about recent clinical studies and expert testimonies from Dr Kate Goldie and Dr Sabine Zenker by reading the full article.

Here is a quick overview: Dr Sabine Zenker uses Juvapen because “ No matter how experienced a practitioner is, we don’t always inject what we think[…] This may not matter for one single injection, but it does matter overall as we need to create the utmost natural results and no frozen faces. Additionally we have to be able to achieve reproducible results. Patients in my clinic appreciate the new technology because the injections are – first of all – far less painful. And the aesthetic result is very appealing and natural. They come back asking for Juvapen!”

Dr Kate Goldie states “The smaller the dose, the harder it is to be accurate. The study indicated quite a significant difference between manual and Juvapen injection accuracy ; which is particularly important when injecting in the periorbital area.”

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Juvapen, the fashionable treatment you need to know about [Press]

This is the new and fashionable treatment you need to know about – and it’s also 50% less painful than normal Botox

The Sun (UK) just tested the Juvapen injector – operated by London-based Doctor Jules Nabet.

As non-surgical cosmetic procedures are on the rise, Juvapen is the answer to achieve more delicate results for botulinum toxin injections. Injecting Botox is an art form, and some practitioners are better than others – bad Botox is the kind that you notice, whereas Juvapen’s is almost undetectable.

Read the full article below – The Botox pen (BTXpen)

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Aesthetics Journal: Patients Love Juvapen [Press]

Juvapen is featured in Aesthetics Journal: Patient satisfaction rate with the Juvapen toxin injector is 98% ! Less pain during injections, improved results and extreme accuracy explain this success.

The Juvapen is now available in the UK for physicians – visit our online shop

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Juvapen featured in Evening Standard UK [Press]

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Juvapen now for sale: Exclusive launch !

Following its presentation at the 2016 AMWC in Monaco, the Juvapen is now available to an exclusive circle of selected members!

Thanks to unparalleled precision, toxin injections are up to 20 times more precise with Juvapen than by hand – allowing more comfort and safety for both physicians and patients.

Manufactured and designed in Switzerland by Juvaplus SA, the Juvapen is a motorized and battery-powered injection device developed to assist practitioners in the injection of botulinum toxin. Visit our online shop for more info and contact us to check whether as an expert you qualify for a discount !

Juvapen supported by Dr. Sundaram at GAAS Summit

The Global Aesthetic Alliance Summit was held this April in London to promote interactions between Key Opinion Leaders, scientists and industry leaders. Juvaplus has been a Programme Supporter for the Inaugural GAA Summit, hosted by Dr. Hema Sundaram. Find a short video overview of the summit by clicking on More Information.

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Juvapen accuracy demonstrated

The highly conclusive accuracy study by Dr. Bou Saab (Phd, University of Geneva) is out: toxin injections are up to 20 times more precise with Juvapen than by hand!

Measurements were made using a jewelry scale to compare precision and repeatability of injections with a Juvapen and manually.

The results show a clear reduction in the percentage of error using the Juvapen measurements as compared to the manual readings, especially at low volumes, proving the accuracy and precision of the device.

Disclosure: Accuracy study conducted in Q1 2016 at the request of Juvaplus. Dr. Bou Saab acts as an independent third party and is not affiliated with Juvaplus.


SCALE Symposium: Juvapen for toxin medical success!

Juvaplus is proud to sponsor the SCALE Symposium for Cosmetic Advances & Laser Education 2016. The event will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from March 17th to 20th.

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