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Discover our innovative products & focus on the results :

Juvapen is designed specifically for Botulinum Toxin injections. Thanks to unparalleled precision, patients show significantly improved results and fewer side-effects.

Lipopen is a cutting-edge motorized injection device engineered for micro-fat and nano-fat grafting and it comes with PRP injection capabilities.

New Juvapen syringes available!

Silicone free !

Easy to prime !

No air bubble => More product saved !

Avoid all risks linked to silicone granulomas and save your product at every Juvapen use!

Video New Bubble Free Syringes

Juvaplus on French TV !

(France 2, Télématin, 12/09)

Thank you Prof. Jean-Paul Meninguaud (Head of  Plastic Surgery) and Laurence Ostaloza for the excellent documentary about this anti-aging miracle using a Juvaplus product !


Harpers Bazaar reports on “why everyone’s asking for “Robot Botox””

Dr Esho, a cosmetic doctor with clinics in London and Newcastle, coined the phrase to describe the “revolutionary” way to administer ‘natural’-looking Botulinum Toxin injections using a tool called the Juvapen.

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FACE Conference: Multi-mini toxin injection

Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne, London based and world renowned dermatologist presents his Multi-Mini toxin injection technique with the Juvapen injector at FACE 2017.

Stepping away from conventional injection sites teaching and delivering micro-doses with Juvapen for more precise, controlled, predictable, natural and personal results.

The Times UK: Juvapen at the forefront of aesthetic trends

Dr. Jules Nabet, a London based aesthetic practitioner who pioneered the “baby botox” treatement shares his journey and expertise when treating his daughter and other patients with the Juvapen for accurate doses and natural facial movement.

Read about the “Power Pen” as described by the Times in our Press Book.

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Aesthetic Med [Press]

Fascinating article in this January’s AestheticMedecine Magazine issue! Dr. Lakhani delves into the benefits of Juvapen for hyperhidrosis and other applications.

Read it in our Press Book – click on More information to download.

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Swiss newspaper L’Express covers Juvapen [Press]

Juvapen is featured in today’s edition of the newspaper L’Express – L’Impartial. Find out more about Juvapen and Juvaplus by clicking more information. ARTICLE IN FRENCH

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